Intuitive Living


Julianne O’Brien made the decision to establish her own purpose-driven business after several major events led her to re-evaluate the way she was living her life. One of these major events was a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer. Julianne, who has always been curious about everything, proactive and a keen networker, went on a journey of discovery to explore ways she could play a part in her own healing. Intuitive Living arose from her desire to share her experience and learning with others. As mentor, among other services, she offers Radical Remission Workshops, a course developed by Dr Kelly Turner in the USA.

Michelle Euinton and Julianne worked together to create the logo for Intuitive Living. Julianne has always had a deep affinity with the sea and nature so motifs from land, sky and ocean were always going to feature. 

The copy was written very much in Julianne’s voice and emerged quite effortlessly after several in-depth conversations over Julianne’s fortifying smoothie creations.

Diana Ward took a number of the photographs for the site including the portraits of Julianne. 

‘You have both captured me so beautifully and honestly. I feel everything you have written and created - the words and the imagery. Thank you so much.’ - Julianne O'Brien


Wellbeing Massage


Trish Bartlett, massage therapist, is almost as skilled at interior design as she is at giving her women clients divine massages. Her massage loft is a real sanctuary for women who are seeking time out from the demands of their busy lives.

Trish had a clear idea of what she wanted her branding and website to convey. They should reflect her personality, her approach to massage therapy and radiate calm. Her favourite colour is rose-gold so we chose it for the flowing typographic logo. We used foil on her business cards to make the key word, Wellbeing, shimmer.

Trish’s massage loft is a restful place. No detail is overlooked. Her special treasures feature in the photography, nearly all of which was specially shot for the website.


Exhalenz - Sports and Therapeutic Massage


Debs Welch leads Exhalenz, an Auckland-based practice which offers sports and therapeutic massage and active recovery techniques to athletes and clients focussed on their fitness and wellbeing.

Her brief to Michelle was to create a logo that was inspired by sacred geometry symbols and nature, was symmetrical and would appeal to all clients. Icons and other elements that appear on the website were designed to complement the logo. 

Suretotalk Speech Therapy


A private speech therapy practice which focusses on helping children who have difficulty with speech, language and communication.

We worked with Jocelyn Shaw, speech language therapist, to create the branding, flyers and stationery to launch her practice on Auckland's North Shore.