Pacific Wealth Creators


We nearly always have to work within certain constraints when we design websites for our clients. It’s a challenge we welcome. They may already have a logo they want to use or business cards or print resources they’d like to emulate. In this case, Pacific Wealth Creators had a logo and had produced a 16-page full-colour book to send to prospective clients. Our brief was to create a website that reflected the visual look of the book and borrowed from the copy. 

As James Clague, the firm’s founder, is based in the Bay of Plenty he was enthusiastic when we suggested we could include some photographs of the region on the website. Diana shot all the photos of Mt Maunganui as well as that of Lake Wakatipu used in the main banner. 

As far as the design went, Michelle adapted the book’s visual style to suit the web and followed James Clague's brief that it should follow Scandinavian principles - be simple, functional and inviting.


Australian Natural Nanny Network


'Working with Diana and Michelle has been a deeply rewarding, creative and fun journey! Having never done such a thing before, I couldn't have chosen two better people to build my website.

They have been incredibly thorough, clear and direct in their communication, ideas and feedback (and lovingly so)!

I felt there was a perfect balance of professionalism and compassion, as well as excitement for my project. This was much appreciated and enabled me to enjoy the process.

It is clear that both Diana and Michelle love what they do as their committment to my project was unwavering.'

Melissa Hughes of Australian Natural Nanny Network talks about her experience working with Webdesign and Copy on her website and logo.


New Zealand Terms and Conditions


Michelle created superb branding for me. Stylish, clear and inviting. Loved my logo and great results. Very pleased.'

John Hogan, Lawyer